6 Quick and Easy Isolation Snacks

6 Quick and Easy Isolation Snacks

Today’s post is in collaboration with Amantopia; don’t forget to check out her blog page as well. This post is 6 quick and easy isolation snacks that everyone can make whilst at home. We all should be at home and avoiding going out as much as possible so that we can stop this pandemic. I hope we are all at home and I hope we are all safe. Just in case you have missed my other isolation posts, I have linked them below:

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Now let’s get onto the post:

Vegetable Platter

This is a great way to get in your vegetables. While you are either working or “working” from home, you can easily snack away at a vegetable platter. You simply cut up from of your favourite vegetables: carrots, capsicum, cucumber, celery and more and serve with your favourite dips: hummus, mint yoghurt, ranch and more.


Yoghurt and Museli/Granola

I personally love to snack on muesli or granola. Having it with yoghurt is a nice snack that it even more filling. Grab your favourite yoghurt which can be flavoured or unflavoured and top with a heavy sprinkle of muesli or granola. The crunchy muesli or granola in the smooth yoghurt is a nice contrast. You can even add some coconut shards or rolled oats for extra crunch. Here is a photo from Amantopia’s Instagram:

Bread, Muffins or Pancakes

Fruits can start to go bad easily and fast, so avoid wasting any food during this pandemic. So an easy solution is bread, muffins or pancakes. This is a quick and easy way to use fruits and possibly even vegetables. Some flour, milk, flavourings, bake it for a little and bam you have yourself some bread, muffins or pancakes. Here is a basic recipe for vegan pancakes by Amantopia where you can easily add berries or bananas into the mixture.

For remainder 3 quick and easy isolation snacks head over to Amantopia 🙂

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