Tips for Sensitive Skin

Tips for Sensitive Skin

I have always had sensitive skin and with constant weather changes lately, I have had to take some extra precaution while getting out of the house. Today’s post is a few things that I do to try to manage my sensitive skin while using minimal to no prescription creams. Before trying anything, make sure to get the all-clear from a doctor or a medical professional.


I love to wear makeup believe me but it takes a massive toll on my skin. I notice my pores get bigger, my skin is drier and in turn prone to rashes and I always get a pimple or a few when I wear makeup. I used to wear makeup to hide my insecurities but once I accepted my skin for what it is and stopped wearing makeup, my skin got way better. This and my skincare routine really helped out with my sensitive skin.

Skincare Routine

If you don’t have one I strongly suggest you get one. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive but a simple 3 step skincare routine can help out. I know I suffer from dry skin, blemishes, and acne so I found skincare products that work to help in those particular areas. Trying looking for products that are light on the skin and that way you won’t get that heavy feeling of the prescription creams; one of the main reasons why I was never consistent with them. Before trying anything, make sure to get the all-clear from a doctor or a medical professional. For more skincare related you can have a read of these posts:

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As I said above, I suffer from dry skin amongst other things. So I found a moisturizer that keeps my skin hydrated the whole day. Having an all-day moisturising moisturiser, moisturising sunscreen and a hydrating serum (applied before both moisturiser) have really helped with maintaining my hydration throughout the day. It sounds a lot but honestly, it is really not.

  • My face cream is so so sooo light that I find that my skin feels dry after 6ish hours.
  • My sunscreen moisturiser is so just as light.
  • Therefore I have a serum that has the same active ingredient as my face cream to for an extra step in my moisturising.

Just a reminder, if my skin is dry then my skin is extremely sensitive to almost anything; hence why I keep going on about dry skin.


Staying indoors really helps me out. With a lot of things but one thing for sure is my skin. The change from indoor conditions to outdoor conditions or vice versa plays around with your skin and can make it react leaving you with dry skin, acne, sensitive skin and more. I personally like to stay indoors since I have mild year-long hayfever but if you prefer to stay outdoors than you do you.


Whenever I have to wear long-sleeved clothes or jumpers and jackets I make sure that the fabric is sensitive skin-friendly. In my experience woolen or fluffy fabrics irritate my skin. So I personally try to avoid wearing these fabrics but if I do wear these fabrics I make sure the is minimal skin to irritatable fabric contact and wear a T-shirt or a long-sleeved top underneath. I generally opt for light or thing fabrics and use the power of layers to keep warm during winter. Also I like being rugged up and all.


I know I know I go on about water in a lot of my posts but I can’t explain how important it is to stay hydrated and its benefits of doing so. My skin is extra dry and sensitive when my water levels are low and my skin is and feels amazing when my water levels are adequate.

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