Product Review | Charcoal, Jojoba and Clay Face Mask

Product Review | Charcoal, Jojoba and Clay Face Mask

If you follow me on Instagram, @garamsamosa_, then you may have participated in a story poll. This story poll was asking if I should do a product review on this face mask. Well, here are the results.


Since 94% of the people who voted wanted a product review, today I have got you a product review. For my birthday, one of my best friends got me this face mask. I have always wanted to try it. Especially since that another one of my best friends suggested it to me a while ago. Now that I have it, tried it and thought about it, I can give you lovely readers a product review.

What it is: This face mask claims to be a purifying face mask that removes the surface impurities while being paraben and MIT free to ‘relax after a long day and apply this face mask to refresh your skin.’

What I liked: I really like how there is no parabens or MIT. With the help of a bit from some research, I know that parabens can interfere with the body’s hormones and that MIT is a  powerful synthetic biocide and preservative. Having this new knowledge tied with the fact that it is parabens and MIT free is a massively positive thing. The consistency of the face mask was so good that it didn’t drop off my silicone applier or my face once applied. Even when the face mask dried off, it didn’t fall off my face.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t like how it is really really thick. The product had a weird smell, however, the smell is manageable. After I washed my face, it felt very rubber like which I didn’t like at all.

Price: $8

Verdict: A maybe big no no. I am not a big fan of this face mask. I don’t see any benefits from buying it. The rubber feeling after washing it off was not favoured what so ever. In addition, I noticed no improvement in my skin so I would suggest no one buy this product.

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