Getting Fit| My Top 5 Instagram Fitness Bloggers

Getting Fit| My Top 5 Instagram Fitness Bloggers

Hello readers!!!! How are we doing today? I don’t about you but I have stopped going to the gym but don’t worry I haven’t quit. I took time off my Birthday weekend :). I wrote a post about that, if you missed it check it out here. In my previous post in this sequel, I wrote about how I follow a bunch of Instagram fitness bloggers for motivation. I have compiled a list of my top 5 Instagram fitness bloggers. There are listed in no particular order. Here are my previous posts in this sequel if you missed them, if not I hope you like this one just as much as the last ones 🙂 . Much Love ❤

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Whitney Simmons

I like how Whitney does supersets rather than just one. For example, she will do one exercise and straight on to the next exercise then have a rest. It is a great way to quickly get through a workout. Having a rest after every 2 exercises also gets you to push yourself a little longer. I love how her workout exercises are manageable for my fitness level.

Alexia Clark

I follow Alexia for #fitspo. Her body and physique are amazing. And although I don’t want to build that much muscle I do want to some build muscle and I feel like incorporating her exercises into my workouts will help with that. I use her exercises to change up standard exercises. She is good as making variations. For instance a squat. You could do normal squats with a bicep curl or shoulder press to change it up and again make a superset like Whitney would. I love her workouts and she is and always has been my #fitspo.

Abby Pollock

Abby has good workout too but I mainly follow her for her posture posts. What postures to do and what postures not to do. I also follow her for variations in my workout but mainly for the dos and don’ts. Her abs have been my ab #fitspo but she is constantly sucking in her stomach or it seems to be that way so I am not too sure about this on. On rare occasions do I actually use her workout but I recently found a shoulder one so that might change.

Linn Lowes

Linn is a cancer survivor and the fact that she was able to make a come back from cancer motivates me too. Just like Whitney and Alexia, I use Linn’s Instagram posts as new or more exercises. I also love how I can easily change up the move to fit my fitness level and my capabilities. She also posts are few home variations of gym machines which is amazing as my gym doesn’t have all the machines.

Kelsey Wells

Kelsey is just amazing. She has had kids and her body is literally fire. Her workout videos just show her determination and her physique. I love how she has upbeat music on the background and it is just motivating. She is #fitspo and I use here workouts occasionally as well.

So you may have noticed a trend. I generally use the different exercises and incorporate it into my workout. These ladies above are also my #fitspo. Whitney’s toned body, Alexia’s and Kelsy’s muscle definition, Abby’s knowledge and mentality and Linn’s motivation. I hope you find the fitness bloggers that help you get to your finish lines.

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