Product Review | Via Dolce

It was requested to do food reviews of restaurants and today that is what I have.

Via Dolce, not only serve gelato but is full of “housemade Italian desserts and pizzas served in a polished patisserie with marble tables.”

When you look at this place from the outside it looks like a random little corner store. However, when you walk in it is far from random. Although they are a little tight on space, this place looks Italian and makes you feel like you are in Italy. With workers and decorations in black and white to the smell of pizza. They also have a massive display cabinet full of their desserts. I took this the last time I went there:

Their gelato is ok. The good thing is that it is not too sweet and it has the classic vibe to it. It is priced the amount that gelato is usually priced. Now for the desserts: they all look amazing and are priced as these fancy desserts are normally priced. But for me, I would say that it is kind of a lucky dip on whether you get a dessert actually worth the price.

I have only gone twice and I would say I need to go more times to explore the menu items rather than just the display cabinet. However, I have had Chocolate mud cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate gelato and vanilla gelato. Both times I went with a friend and they had: mars bar cheesecake and chocolate mousse cake. The mars bar cheesecake had good reviews from my friend, but the chocolate mousse cake was too sweet towards the end of it.

These are the photos I have, I didn’t take much…

I was lucky enough to have a taste of the chocolate mousse cake, it was very rich. The chocolate gelato was fairly icy for me but the vanilla gelato was amazing. The chocolate mud cake and the chocolate pudding was kind of dry. I had chocolate gelato with the chocolate mud cake and the vanilla gelato with the chocolate pudding. If I didn’t have the gelato both times, I would not have been able to enjoy the desserts as much as I did.

I also had a soy Chai latte the first time I went. It was too milky and I would suggest getting a strong chai.

The customer service is amazing. Friendly staff who can recommend items for you. For instance, the second time around I wanted something not too sweet and was recommended something. Although I decided something else, it was nice of the worker to do so because I didn’t even ask her at all.

Overall, I would say this place is a must-visit but make sure you don’t get your expectations too high. I want to try the majority of the things in the display cabinet and explore the menu items. Maybe that will be for part 2. I don’t know if I like or dislike this place but I do know that I will still revisit this place.

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