Product Review | Face Halo

Product Review | Face Halo

Hello, my lovely readers!!! As I am working my way through the exam period, I have finally managed to write this post. A requested product review. Ages ago, I bought this product to reduce my impact on the environment and I can honestly say I absolutely do not, repeat, do not regret it. Before I get onto the post, I have linked the other product reviews I have done previously below just in case you missed any:

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Now, if you are still here, let’s get on to the post:

Face Halo Claims (and what it is…kind of)

“Face Halo works with either cold or warm water. The water loosens your makeup allowing the HaloTech fibre strands (which are 100 times finer than a human hair) to reach deep into your pores to remove and trap makeup, giving your skin a healthy and invigorating clean in half the time. Check out how using only water with the HaloTech fibres compares to other removal methods at The Halo Effect.” – Face Halo Website


I absolutely love this product! I have sensitive skin so the vigorous rubbing with a makeup wipe or with a cotton pad with makeup remover just wasn’t cutting it. My skin used to be extremely dry and I would always get rashes around my eyes. Now, with Face Halo, I can remove the majority of my makeup with bare minimum effort. I simply get micellar water and a Face Halo pad and literally 3 maybe even fewer minutes my makeup is removed. When I have used it, I pop it in the washing machine and it is as good as new. Don’t be alarmed but the makeup will stain the pad itself. My pads have lipstick and foundation stains but it is clean. I had a quick look on their website, they do have black ones available. My local supplier only had white ones. They are kind of expensive: I bought them for 30 AUD for 3 pads. It is sooooooo worth it since it is less of an impact on the environment and my skin feels so much better. I use these pads as makeup removers but as shown above they are multipurpose.

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