Homemade Style Roti Canai

Homemade Style Roti Canai

Not too long I made some Roti Canai with my Mum. It was planned to make it own my own but things didn’t go to plan and my Mum helped me fix it. It was my first time and Mum had made it previously but in a slightly different way. Before I get into anything, I have linked the other cooking posts I have made below just in case you missed any.

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Now, if you are still here, let’s get on to the post:

What is Roti Canai?

Roti canai has many names and “is an Indian-influenced flatbread dish found in several countries in Southeast Asia.” Have a read of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roti_canai for more 🙂

The Process for Roti Canai

I found a basic recipe on Instagram from a page that seemed to be well known and reliable. However, it was far from that. The recipe called for 4 cups of flour to 1 cup of water leading to a very tough dough. Here Mum worked her magic and made it soft. I don’t know how exactly but something to do with adding more water, resting it and then kneading in more flour… Regardless the dough resulted in being soft thanks to Mum. Roti canai has some sugar and salt in it as well which is a nice twist to the Indian roti (flatbread) that contains flour and water. There are many different recipes to a roti canai so try to find one that works for you 🙂

So once the dough is made (a soft dough that is), you need to rest it with a little coating of oil then portion the dough into smaller bits. This will be a portion for one roti canal. Put more oil and rest again. Once all rested and oiled. Spread oil on your bench or rolling board (so it doesn’t stick, trust me you need to do it).

Now roll out a portion to a roundish shape (doesn’t have to perfect, trust me) and till about 3mm of a thickness and then spread some more oil (I know). Using your index finger and thumb, pick up your ~3mm roundish shape and let it hang (but don’t let it break). Now you start spiralling up the drape so that you finish with a spiral that is round shape. Press the spiral together so that it forms a compact circle and roll out to make a circle shape that is about 12cm diameter. Tada, you have an undercooked roti canai!!!!!

Ok now for the cooking: using a hot frying pan or tawa or plate, first cook a the slightest (like sssssslllllllliiiiiiiigggghhhhtttteeeessssttttt) bit then flip it and cook 2-3mins. Flip it again and cook for another 2-3mins. Spread a little bit of oil on the frying pan or tawa or plate before each roti canai and on the roti canai itself before each flip. Tada, you have a cooked roti canai!!!!

Repeat for the other portions and serve with your favourite curry or spiced yoghurt 🙂



I have always loved roti canai and I can eat roti canai with some spiced yoghurt and I am content. However, now knowing that there is so much oil and possibly sugar (depending on recipes, quantity and all) I will make this a sometimes food. Regardless, I would actually add more sugar to this recipe as it came out a little salty. Also, I strongly suggest you eat and serve this piping hot as once it cools down the taste and roti can’t experience is different.

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