5 Reasons Why Grandparents Are So Underrated

Today is one of my lovely grandmother’s birthday. This post is to all the grandparents out there and for all the things grandparents have done for us grandchildren. I cannot thank our grandparents enough for all the life lessons that they have taught us. Just in case you have missed my other isolation posts, I have also linked them below:
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Now, if you are still here, let’s get on to the post:

Grandparents are so wise

If I got a dollar for the number of times that my grandparents have told me words of wisdom, I would be rich. I admit ignored it when they told but looking back, life would have been so much easier if I had actually listened to them…

Grandparents have so many stories

From family stories of when our parents were young, to their own prime times (even though old is gold) to stories of taking care of you, these stories help bring laughter and joy and keep the family together. Some stories are have hidden messages, you just got to listen carefully 😉

Grandparents are so much fun to have around

I have so many inside jokes with my grandparents that literally, no one else gets; I mean that’s the point of an inside joke…right? Anyways, it is so much fun to have grandparents around. You can muck around them and they will even join you. I mean you only live once right?

Grandparents have techniques, tips and tricks that will never let you down.

I have learnt so many techniques, tips and tricks from my grandparents. Even if I already do something a certain way, they have shown me a better way. From cooking to posture to presenting myself to my studies to my sleep schedule (which is ruined because of quarantine but we working on it…again).

Grandparents overrule your parents!!

Hehehe, not much to say here 😉 Today’s post is a short but meaningful post that is dedicated to all grandparents and the amazing work they do for their grandchildren. Let me know if you can think of more reasons why grandparents are underrated. There are countless reasons!!!

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As always, thank you for being the Samosauce to my Garam Samosa!!!

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