Forms of Self Love While At Home

Today’s post is for everyone who is having a tough time while at home during the current pandemic.

Keeping this in mind, I have a few ways in which you can show yourself some self-love. I understand it is hard to stay at home but during the current pandemic this is the safest place to be. Please stay at home, stay safe, and stay alert. Just in case you have missed my other isolation posts, I have linked them below:

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Now let’s get on to the post:

  • Sleeping a little earlier than usual
    • My sleep schedule is messed upright so I am actually trying to change my sleep routine and try to earlier than usual. All I can say is that the more sleep I get the better I feel. I do I feel sooooo much better.
  • Taking a break from the stress
    • I have been doing this a lot lately but a small break from stress can make you feel a lot happier. I tend to raise my eyebrows and rub my forehead when I’m stressed. Sometimes I even get a headache. So these small breaks give a small pause to daily life and help out in a long time quite a lot.
  • Eating the food you like/love/want
    • Without bulk buying foods and drinks, everyone can easily enjoy foods and drinks.
  • Pampering yourself with spa….at home
    • Face masks, cleaning your eyebrows, shaving, doing your nails. Anything that does you fancy but at home. I always feel better when groomed.
  • Cooking more food
    • I have been cooking a lot lately. For the blog page and for my Instagram stories but mainly for me. I am making food that I would love to eat. For instance, Dum Aloo CurryPaneer PulaoPav Bhaji and more.
  • Keeping a journal and writing down your ideas
    • I have a blog page so I feel so much better now that I am actively writing. I strongly suggest that everyone puts pen to paper and creatively write. It does wonders!!
  • Meditating, doing yoga, or getting active
    • Getting active will get the blood flowing, body moving and will make you much happier. It is also a way to release any built tension you may have.

I hope these help you out as much as these are helping me. Stay at home and take care of yourself!!

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As always, thank you for being the Samosauce to my Garam Samosa!!!

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  1. […] Forms of Self Love While At Home […]


  2. […] Forms of Self Love While At Home […]


  3. […] Forms of Self Love While At Home […]


  4. […] Forms of Self Love While At Home […]


  5. […] Forms of Self Love While At Home […]


  6. […] Forms of Self Love While At Home […]


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