Things to Consider for Your Home Desk

Today I have you lovely readers another requested post. Yet again I am trying to do some public service with a post about how I keep my home desk. My university has officially gone online (2 weeks ago but classes started this week) so I have taken the following measures to ensure I get the most out of the work-from-home situation most of us are facing. Just in case you have missed my other isolation posts, I have linked them below:
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Now let’s get on to the post: Things to Consider for Your Home Desk
  • I have my table in a place that gets a decent amount of natural lighting.
  • I have the required powerpoints nearby
  • My table is located in my bedroom, so I have shelving nearby to put things and I try to keep my space at clear as possible.
  • I make sure that my chair is comfortable so that I can use for long periods of time
    • I naturally have back pain so I made sure that my back is supported as much as possible. I mean I could just fix my posture but let us blame the chair……….
  • I keep a box of tissues nearby for coffee spills and boggers 🙂
  • Gum or mints…late nights 😦
  • I keep a REUSABLE water bottle at my desk at all times. I think I have a total of 4  around the house………
    • Think of things that take long to eat: cereal (without milk, don’t hate it till you try it), almonds, granola, dry weet-bix and more. I love to snack while I study so have things that are high in volume.
There are a few of the things that I do to make my home desk in such a way that I get a lot done. I hope these tips help you out just as much or even more than they help me.

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