Dum Aloo Curry

Dum Aloo Curry

Helloooo readers!!!!! I have a new recipe for your loveliesssss!!!! I definitely say that this self-isolation will make a better cook for sure. Anyways, just in case you missed any of my other cooking posts I have linked the posts below.

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Now let’s get on to the post:

What is Dum Cooking?

Thank you to google, I can tell you that Dum is short for Dum Puhkt. It is essentially slow cooking. One simply cooks meat and/or vegetables over a low flame…slowly.  For more have read of this Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dum_pukht


The Process for Dum Aloo

I got the idea to make Dum Aloo from an Instagram page called The Forked Diaries.  I started with boiling potatoes (aloo): I washed and peeled potatoes then cut them to similar sizes and boil them. Now the recipe says to parboil them but I accidentally boiled them until they were fully cooked. So what I did was mashed the potatoes and rolled them up into small balls

For the sauce, I blended up: tomato, onion, garlic, spices and chilli. I heated up a pan and with more spices and oil then added this blended mixture. Simmered for a while then I added some yoghurt. You only need a little but being the extra person I am I added heaps. If you would like your sauce to be slightly creamy, instead of adding heaps of yoghurt like I did you can add some cream. Add some water and then let it simmer even more and thicken. Add those potato balls made before and ta daaaaaa you have yourself some Dum Aloo.


I would add less onion to the blended mixture, less water to the sauce (I added 1.5 cups, add max 0.5 cups), and add more potatoes. Overall I found the curry to be slightly bland so I would actually add more flavour as a whole: more spices, more chilli and more herbs.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post!!!! If you try this recipe let me know and post them on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to tag me!!!

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