10 Things to Do While At Home

During the current times that we are all facing, I would like to do some public service (as per usual) and share what I have done to make my time in at home better. I am lucky enough to have my family with me so my time is a lot easier for me. Before I get into the post please keep the following things in mind:

  • When staying at home please keep in mind your personal hygiene.
    • I am sure we have all seen the news and know what is going on.
      • Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds.
        • Please make sure you rinse your hands with water first then turn the tap to reduce the amount of water.
  • When grocery shopping, DO NOT BULK BUY!!!!!!
    • Be mindful of others, we are all in the same situation.
    •  Just buy the number of things you need.

Today’s highly requested post is brought to you in collaboration with Intergalactic Thoughts; don’t forget to check her blog page out as well. So let’s get on with the post: here are 10 things that I am doing to make my time at home better:

Keeping to a schedule…of some form

Before I had to stay at home (to stay safe), I personally would wake up and be out the door within an hour and be back late at night. I am so used to waking up early to go to uni, complete my classes, study and then come home or go to work when I had shifts). So, I try to keep to a schedule or routine per se as much as possible. Something really basic as going to bed, waking up, and eating around a similar time each day can help keep your body in some form of routine.

Taking this time to do a big cleanout

The amount of random little things I have in my room are countless. Now would be the perfect time to clear out everything. I am slowly but surely cleaning out whatever I can. From my wardrobe to random shelves in my room. I think I have 5 plain white t-shirts that all have a slightly different fitting………………..

Keeping in contact with friends and family or meeting new people…online

We all have busy lives and I am sure we are still all busy during this time at home. However, contacting friends and family who you haven’t talked to in a while a nice feeling and a nice way to keep you grounded. I accidentally didn’t talk to one of my best friends for a week and she called “to check I was dead or something.” That was the best feeling ever, to have someone check up on you without you having to initiate things. I also have managed to talk to people who I haven’t talked to in a while or wouldn’t normally talk to. So talk to people.

Set some new goals and/or reflect on old ones

With all this extra time on your hands, why don’t you try to think of some new goals that you would like to achieve? Mental peace? Personal peace? Work bettering yourself? Change your aspect of life? Stick to home-cooked food once the self-isolation is over? You could even reflect on the once you have already planned. Have you made any progress? Is it still achievable?

Learn new things

While sitting at home thinking about what you can do, maybe pick up a new hobby, learn a new language, a new instrument. Not only will you keep things interesting for you but it will also keep you busy doing things that aren’t related to work or uni. I am trying to learn a new language and trying to get back into blogging 🙂

For the remainder 5 things that you can do during your time at the home head-on through to Intergalactic Thoughts.

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