3 Tips to be Skin Confident

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how I motivate myself to work out. In this same post, I wrote about how I have always been called fat or big either it being direct or an implication. I wrote about some unhealthy coping mechanisms. Today I am writing about 3 tips to help deal with these tough times.

Think about why you feel uncomfortable in your skin

I cannot stress how important it is to truly knowing the true reason why you feel uncomfortable in your own skin can help you become comfortable. I strongly suggest to write it about. As soon as you write it out tape it up somewhere you can remind yourself or simply take a mental note of where you have put that piece of paper or that book. Later on, when you become comfortable in your skin then you can read about how you overcame this. I guess you could make a mini journal as well.

Do it For You

I have heard of so many stories where were in order to feel comfortable in your skin you have to make drastic changes. You have to stop doing this and start doing that and only do this. No. This is in no way realistic.

First of all, you don’t have to do anything. You do what you want to do you.

Second of all, if you think that in order to feel comfortable with your skin you have to do something in particular then do what you think is right but just make sure you have your doctor’s or a medical professional’s opinion first.

Third of all, sometimes you don’t have to change your body but your mindset towards your body.

Realistically plan your journey

Try swapping things out for other things. Try making small improvements. To feel comfortable in your skin is a lifestyle thing, not a momentary thing. So making small improvements can allow you: to slowly work through and to reassess if the changes you made are actually sustainable or not.

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