A Few Tips on Confidence That Worked For Me

Believe it or not but I have always had a hard time to find the confidence to do certain things, this leads me to find a little corner and shut down. I have done this for years on end and not too long ago I have realized that I am finally doing things differently:

I have stopped discounting my success and started giving myself the due credit.

I have always said, “Oh, I just did this” or simply using the word “just” or when someone else has said something I go on about how it is nothing. This is a hidden form of self-hate. Feeling confident comes from within. So it would make sense to celebrate your success? Instead of undermining yourself, I strongly suggest celebrating and counting your successes, no how ‘small’ they seem to you.

I have started and am still trying to have a positive outlook and minimize the negativity

If you know me personally then you would know that I am constantly negative and I normally laugh it off to “hide it”. According to some, you can also tell through my Instagram captions.  As a student, it is actually quite hard to be positive all the time and you honestly don’t have to be. Something like “This [something negative] happened and now I know what I can do to fix/change it in the future.” I find that way more positive to what I would normally say so I am happy with my progress; see celebrating my successes. This is still a working progress and I am still trying; that is all that counts

I have started to make an effort in my look, even though it doesn’t seem like it

I have noticed that the days that I put effort into my look for the day that I am happier and in turn more confident. Something as simple as wearing jeans, having my hair out, color coordination, actually wearing a bra (it’s a real struggle and if you know you know), filling in my eyebrows or simply combing out my eyebrows. Simple changes make a massive difference for me. I look homeless every day all day and I don’t mind it but lately, I have been making small changes that dramatically change my mood and confidence. You do you boo boo

I have started to do things on my own accord and for myself

I noticed that lately, I have started to go to certain places by myself because I need to.  Like, before I would try to make my classes match up with my uni mate and change my whole timetable just to match this one person. Or I would only go to the coffee shop only if one of my friends would come or wanted to go. I never would choose classes that made sense for me or go to coffee shops by myself; for instance. Although it seems that you are cutting people out, I feel a lot more confident in doing my own things. Studying my own way, taking breaks my own way, choosing my timetable, choosing when to come in or when to leave uni by myself. This would be one of the main differences between first-year university and second-year university.

Take the risks you need to take to progress for you

I think that those who take risks have progressed further than those who stay in their comfort zone.  University has taught me so much in terms of so many things but also risk-taking. You take a risk by sitting next to someone who wouldn’t normally talk to. You take a risk by starting a conversation. You take a risk by simple actually attending the class. It really makes a difference and knowing that I take risks to make me feel 100% more confident. Change doesn’t come without taking a risk.

I hope these tips help you out, they have definitely helped me out. I am still a working progress but aren’t we all?

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