How to Avoid Burnout While Studying

How to Avoid Burnout While Studying

I tried a new study process and I can honestly say that the tips I have below truly helped me stay a lot less stressed than usual, and helped me stay the usual happy, bubbly person that I am. I strongly suggest you have a read and even try (and hopefully do) these tips and tricks below.

Have a Small List of Things to do Per Day

I used to have a really long list of things to do with their due date and I would simply try to finish as many things as possible. Having a really long list of things to do every day is super unrealistic. I personally feel so bad and guilty when  I didn’t finish what was planned or simply stressing that I have extra things. I suggest having a smaller list so that you can realistically plan your week. You may notice that having a smaller list will be less stressful and therefore you focus on complete the goals/tasks/items faster and you could even manage to sleep on time or work on tomorrow’s list.

Leave 1 or 2 Days of the Week Free

I try to leave 1 or 2 days of the week to do nothing or the bare minimum. For me this is the weekend, as I have work on Saturdays and Sunday is my sleep-in day. I normally spend the weekends doing my washing or tidying up my room a little (like one piece of clothing off the floor). I even spend my weekends writing posts for you guys. I basically do things that aren’t study-related, I also plan for the week ahead. While planning I often notice that I have forgotten about something or that there is some quiz that is due. I normally do those. Small tasks here and there for a small break while still accomplishing something.

Recognize Your Emotional Limits

When you notice that you are struggling or when you notice that you simply can’t focus. Take a break.  If you are one to have anxiety or always worry about studies you may benefit from a study schedule. Find a study schedule that helps you to work on yourself while also moving forward. For instance, some people like to wake up early and study others like to stay up late. I know there is a technique where you study for constantly for 25 minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes or 50 minutes of study and 10 minutes break. There is another technique to treat yourself with a snack or something like that after a certain task is complete. The aim is to basically find a technique or a method that works for you and helps you manage anxiety or stress and allows you to focus while effectively studying forward.

Saying No is Ok

Saying no to friends is ok. Saying no to families is ok. Saying no to work is ok. Saying no to others is ok. You may find yourself stretched out too far causing a negative spiral. I suggesting cancel on plans, warn loved once and ask for time off work.

Take Care of Yourself Physically

I always notice that during my off periods of the gym I feel like a slug. Moving around a little helps with releasing built-up emotions. A simple walk around to the park, getting off the bus the stop before your usual one and walking the last bit to your class or parking on the other end of the carpark and walking a little extra, using the stairs instead of the elevator and so much more. From going to the gym everyday to simple changes to an everyday routine, any form of physical activity helps boost your mood.

Make a Study Plan Beforehand

Before I was talking about having a small number of things to do on a day. This is kind of part of planning out your study. If you think about it, the amount of study you actually have to do can be quite daunting. From contact hours, to catch up to homework to revising. Then there are the hours spent on exams, assessments and more. Planning can help tackle all those hours and in fact, reduce them.

Ask for Help When Needed

No matter what kind of help you need, just ask for it. Whether you need a tutor, counselor, mentor, advisor, just ask for help. It is better to ask for help early on. That way instead of spending time struggling and going into a negative spiral you can easily spend that time working on other topics and progress through your list for the day and your study plan. I don’t know how else to explain this but asking for help can be a lot more time-efficient than trying to figure it out on your own.

Continuing Hobbies are Just as Important as Studying

No matter what the hobby is, don’t stop doing it just because you have to study. Continue with our hobby.  This can be a stress reliever. Whether it is drawing, painting, yoga, running, swimming, gyming, or rugby. Your hobby is to keep you sane with the insane schedule of studying.

These 8 things are the main things that changed my view on studying and that changed my study schedule. As I said in the introduction, I can honestly say that the tips I have above truly helped me stay a lot less stressed than usual.

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