The Skincare Routine That I Swear By

A while ago I said, in a previous post: How I Reduce My Acne, that I found a skincare routine that I try to stick to as much as possible. I also said that I would elaborate on it a little later. A little later is now today. Here is what I do in the exact order in what I do.

1 – Wash my Face with Proactiv Deep Cleanser

I absolutely love this cleaner. It is not harsh on my skin whatsoever. I have sensitive skin and there are bunch face washes that actually irritate my skin and make my acne and rashes worse. That is not the case here. My face feels so clean and I instantly see my acne reduce.

2 – Apply Proactiv Toner

I use a toner to level the pH levels of my skin. I find that Proactiv Toner doesn’t react with my skin. I know a bunch of toners that actually make my skin sting so much. Anything that makes your skin sting is a big no no. That is your skin telling you that it is a big no no. Big. No. No. I, just like the deep cleanser, notice an instant reduction in my acne.

Fun Fact: I recently dropped about 75% of a bottle in my luggage while I spent one day in Syndey. So heads up, they aren’t really built for travel…

3 – Aloe Vera Gel

I use aloe vera to help to reduce my acne and calm down my rashes. Check out my My Top 3 Face Masks post. I wrote a whole section on it :).

If I am at home, I will just constantly apply aloe vera throughout the day to keep my face moisturized.

If I am going out then I will continue on to step 4.

If I am going out but lazy then I will skip to step 5.

4 – Moisturising Sunscreen

Using sunscreen is vital for skin care. This protects your skin from UV rays. Use a moisturising sunscreen to reduce the amount of oily residue. The one I am currently using doesn’t moisturise my skin for long enough so I am often having to use a proper moisturiser.

5 – Moisturise

Nothing really to say apart from I use a moisturiser??? I change my moisturiser between QV and Neutrogena depending on how dry my skin is that day. I always sleep with QV on because it is a deeper moisturiser than Neutrogena.

That is it. Just 5 simple steps. This works with me so I follow this skincare routine. My skincare routine is purely built on reducing my acene however at the end of the day it all depends on what I have eaten. More sugar, dairy, oily foods  = more acne. My skin routine actually changes quite often, I most likely going to change this routine very soon as well. I might just swap out my face wash since the one I am currently using is a deep cleanser and I am finding my skin extremely dry. I will update this as often as I update my skincare routine, let me know if you would like that 🙂 .

What is your skincare routine? Let me know in the comment section below, I would love to know 🙂

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