5 Small Steps to Make You Feel Good About Life and Yourself

Not too long ago, someone said that you look and seem happier these days. I can honestly say that that was the best compliment anyone has given me. A few other friends have said that I am doing really good in terms of life and all. So with a bunch of people say things like this to me, I thought I write about 5 small steps that I have either taken or am taking to make myself feel good about life and myself.

1 – Don’t Respond to Negativity with Negativity

On my Instagram, I recently posted a video of me dancing to one of my favourite songs of all time and in a dance style that I have been meaning to try. I posted a teaser to the video on my story with question sticker asking if the viewers could guess a song. However, someone said that they didn’t care about the song because my arm movements were not in sync with my legs. I honestly was so shocked. I never even released that my arms and legs weren’t in sync. I responded by agreeing. Shortly after I had 2 lovely people basically say that haters gonna hate. I was shocked and it did puncture my self-confidence but I remembered my previous post: 8 Steps to Build Up Your Self-Confidence and actually ignored the comment.

So what I am trying to say is even though that majority people on my Instagram ignored the question sticker and most likely skipped through my story and even though that one person who was otherwise very kind in my DMs said that, I simply agreed and moved on. This is just one example. I have many more. TO be honest, I find it funny if someone calls me fat or thick or stupid or retarded or anything else along those lines as I have been so used to being called those things that I simply say “ok” or “thanks bro” with a laughing emoji. This is not ideal however, it is true. Eventually, you get so used to the negativity around you, offline and online, that you become numb to it and simply laugh it off.

I can honestly say that even though I am numb to a lot of things, I am living a better life now that I respond to less negativity with negativity. Now responding with a laugh or a simple ok, has meant that I spent less time caring about what others things and more time caring about what I think about myself. I don’t think I am fat, I don’t think I am too thick, I don’t think I am too stupid and I 100% don’t think I am retarded.

Sorry for the rant, it kinda just came out… ❤

2 – Expect Less

When you do something for someone, don’t expect someone to do the same for you. Because if they don’t then the chance is that your expectation will be let down and a random red flag will come up about your relationship with that person. You also may feel a bit upset that they didn’t meet your expectations which obviously affects how you feel about life and in turn about yourself. I don’t know about you but once the boulder is given a small push there is no way in stopping it down the hill.

3 – Show Gratitude

Whether this is to someone or on social media or a personal journal. Showing that you are thankful for something or someone can actually make you stop and think about your life and possibly yourself. You can figure out what has been dragging you down lately. You can use this as a pick-me-up. Most importantly you can use this to release how much good is already in your life and yourself.

4 –  Be The Person You Wish Others Were

I sometimes wish that people would have certain characteristics traits that they don’t have. So be the person you wish others were. Be the outgoing type, be the courageous type, be the adventuristic type. Be the quiet type, be the “keep to yourself” type. Most importantly be you, the real you. If you want others to have a trait that you don’t show then how do you expect others to have the trait. Others treat you the way you treat yourself and the way you treat them. So you want to be respected, for example, then respect yourself and respect others.

5 –  Get Active

Ever since I have gotten active, even though it is not constantly, I have noticed so much change. Not just physically, mentally and emotionally as well. There is so much science about this. Just trust me and get active. A simple thing as walking can change. A brisk walk for 30 minutes a day is a good start. I have actually written a few things about losing weight:

  1. Getting Fit| A Few Things to Consider
  2. Getting Fit | My Top 5 Instagram Fitness Bloggers
  3. Getting Fit | How to Fight Cravings

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