8 Steps to Build Up Your Self-Confidence

One of my best friends, ages ago, claimed that I was so confident. Well, it seemed that I was confident. I wrote this post shortly after but I wasn’t confident enough to post (ironic?). Anyways here are 8 steps to build up your self-confidence.

1 – Self-confidence comes from self-love, self-acceptance, and self-everything

I only released this recently and I added it first because now compared to before one of the main different things is that I am starting to self-love and self-accept, my self-esteem is increasing. In turn, I am happier and in turn, I am confident in myself. Well to some content. Ever since I remember, for some reason, I thought confidence came from appreciating the outward appearance and the face you portray to the world. However, under no circumstances is the case. I truly believe that:

Once you start to believe in yourself, once you start to self-love, once you start to self-accept and once you start to be truly happy, you will start to be self-confidant.

~ Garam Samosa ~

2 – Clean up your social media followings/friends

When you see someone’s post, their caption or their number of likes, follows and comments, your confidence can easily be crushed. Social media has brought so much negativity into the world. From constant body shaming to fake accounts to people find the need to put up their best foot on social media. Unfollow/unfriend anyone that makes you down talk yourself. The moment you ask “why can’t my life be like that?” or “why can’t that happen to me?” is the moment that they are not supposed to be on your feed and it is time to find people that inspire you not expire you.  If you can’t get yourself to unfollow/unfriend, then start off by muting their posts and stories and eventually take the big step and unfollow/unfriend.

3 – Spend some time getting to know yourself

Get to know yourself. Once you truly know yourself you can put your foot forward with confidence, without any uncertainty. Once I figured out that I was an introvert, my life made so much sense to me. I was carrying this uncertainty with me everywhere and now that I have figured out what and who I am, I have more self-love in turn self-acceptance in turn self-confidence. It is all a balance

4 – Focus on yourself not others

If you are going to constantly compare yourself to others there is no point in reading this post. Honestly. The moment you compare yourself to others is the moment you introduce self-doubt, self-hate/self-dislike and so much more into your equation. Let’s try to eliminate these unnecessary components and try to focus on the main component: you.

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are strong. You are capable. You are enough. YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

~ Garam Samosa ~

Comparing yourself to others will make you change that mini quotes above. So why do it? I admit I am still learning with this and by god do I wish that I didn’t care about what others are doing. I am constantly putting myself down because of what that girl on my Instagram is doing or because of what that one celebrity is doing.

5 – Cut out the toxic people in your life

I wrote a blog post on the 5 Types of People You Don’t Need in Your Life, click the link if you would like to read it. I can tell you after cutting those 5 people out, my life is so much better. Having toxic people around can affect the way you live, the way you are and who you are. Toxic people are equivalent to walking around with a 10-tonne boulder chained to your leg. Cut them out.

6 – Take care of yourself

We live in a world that requires us to constantly move. Whether it is from class to class or shift to shift, or class to shift or vice versa or class to shift to home for more work or vice versa. Everyone has commitments, everyone has a busy life. So listen to your body. If you are tired, take time off and sleep. If you are hungry, eat (unless it is a craving: Getting Fit | How to Fight Cravings). If you all of a sudden get sick with no clear explanation, you are 100% working too hard. Sometimes you can’t stop working, however, you can take it easy. Taking it easy doesn’t necessarily mean to reduce workload, it means to simply look and where you can change things up to make it easier for you. So you could cut your breaks a little to get that extra half hour sleep, for instance.

7 – Take care of your mind

If you notice yourself worrying about something find out why. If you can’t sleep at night, find a paper and pen down your thoughts or possible reasons why. Find ways to wind down. Having the busy lifestyle that we have, definitely is quite a lot for the mind. Your mind also needs a break.

8 – Confidence doesn’t happen in one day

It takes 21 days to make and break a habit. So from self-hate/self-dislike, it will take about 21 days to get used to self-loving; for instance. Rome wasn’t built in one day and your confidence won’t be either. When you have the off days, simply say 3 things that you are thankful for. This makes you focus on the good and finer things in your life.

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