Current Obsessions | Pancakes

Current Obsessions | Pancakes

I absolutely love pancakes and I don’t get them often. I especially love my Mum’s pancakes but I often settle for everyone else’s pancakes. This joy was sparked again when a new work colleague and I were trying to get to know each other and somehow pancakes came up and now I have refound my obsession for pancakes.

So today I have 5 reasons why I love pancakes so much and why you should love pancakes as well.

1 – Maple Syrup

With the right maple syrup, you can literally transform your pancake/s. Maple syrup is rich in flavour that is not too sweet and has a watery taste to it as well.

2 – Whipped Cream

Whipped. Cream. Oh my days, it is light and fluffy and smooth. You can add flavours to your creams: fresh fruits, cinnamon, chocolate and so much more. Using a flavoured whipped cream is a good way to change up a basic pancake.

3 – WHIPPED Butter

Who doesn’t love to watch whipped butter meltdown to the sides of your pancake? Also melted butter, whipped or not just makes everything taste better. Don’t even deny it.

4 – Ice cream

Having ice cream on top of everything is a good and delicious way to cool everything. Majority of the ice cream will melt off your hot pancakes but that is ok because it makes the maple syrup creamy.

5- Endless Options

There are endless options to pancakes, especially when you make them yourself. You can add less sugar to make up for the toppings. You can add cinnamon or caramel or chocolate. You can add fruits. You literally add whatever you want. You can alter this to your tastebuds and add toppings again to your tastebuds.

This post didn’t really have a direction or purpose as such; I just wanted to talk about pancakes. Here is a photo of my Mum’s pancakes from this morning. I drenched it with maple syrup and stacked heaps of whipped cream on top. Unfortunately, we don’t have any ice cream and I was too lazy to whip some butter up. Also, don’t forget that it is International Pancake Day on the 5th of March. So don’t forget to eat your pancakes 🙂 .


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