Mexican Sweet Potato Boat

Mexican Sweet Potato Boat

Hello readers!!! I recently cooked dinner and, always being on Pinterest, I have multiple recipes that I want to try and for a while now, one of those recipes was a sweet potato boat. I have also always had a massive love for Mexican food so I made a Mexican sweet potato boat.


A sweet potato boat is essentially baking the sweet potato till all soft and mushy with the skin on. Mash up the inside of the sweet potato leaving a little slot for your filling. Having the skin on is very important as this is the ‘waterproof lining’ of the so-called boat. Make sure to give it a good wash before, of course. Also before you start the baking process, make sure you grab a fork and poke heaps of holes all over the sweet potato. This is to provide an exit for the steam that builds up inside. I baked my sweet potatoes for about 1 hour. At 50 minutes, I cut them in half to allow the insides to cook a little faster. I would call these ‘half’ boats. So if you want a ‘full’ boat then just make an opening on one side of the sweet potato and open it is a little to allow the inside to receive direct heat from the oven.

Now for the filling, the possibilities are endless. You can add whatever you want. As I said in the introduction, I absolutely love Mexican food. So I automatically choose a Mexican filling. So the filling I did was red onion, red capsicum, corn, and black bean. I also added some quinoa to make it slightly more filling as I was worried that potato and vegetables would not be enough. I seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, chilli powder, cumin powder, and dried oregano. While you prepare and saute the vegetables, you boil the quinoa; and this is done while your sweet potato is baking in the oven. This is what I did, you don’t have to overlap like I did. Once the vegetables are sauteed and the quinoa is boiled, combine them together and season to taste.

Once the filling is made and the sweet potato is baked, you can grab a fork and mash up the sweet potato carefully within its skin. Make a small cup within the sweet potato and placing the desired amount of filling inside. Now for the garnish. Since this is a Mexican boat, guacamole was made with a seasoning of salt, pepper and paprika. I also have always had a love for hummus so I also put hummus on top. Another sprinkle of paprika and with a few rocket leaves the dish is done.


This dish is quite easy to make. It took me about 1 hour to make this dish. In my opinion for the first time, that is pretty good even though the recipe said it takes 45 minutes to make this dish. I don’t think that time accounts for the preparation of vegetables or quinoa as the recipe said chopped vegetables and cooked quinoa. Mexican sweet potato boats are delicious. I accidentally and unknowingly made a vegan dish that was full of flavour and very filling. This recipe has opened my eyes to vegan cooking. So expect some more vegan recipe reviews.

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