Indian Semolina Pudding | Halwa

Indian Semolina Pudding | Halwa

Halwa is an Indian semolina pudding. It has roots in West Asia, Central Asia or the Indian subcontinent.

To make Halwa you simply fry the semolina in ghee till golden brown. Add enough milk till the semolina is not grainy anymore. I normally end up using close to 2L of milk but I am a very extra person so go slowly till the desired grainy-ness 🙂 . Just before the grainy semolina dissolves into the milk, add the desired amount of sugar. Mix thoroughly. Adding sugar at this step can be tricky since it can melt and clump up so if you think this could an issue you can easily add sugar in earlier. For instance, after frying the semolina golden brown.

Fun Fact: When I was taught halwa, I would always forget sugar and put it right in the end. I always knew it wasn’t mixed in properly so I added a little bit more milk to ensure the sugar was mixed in throughout the halwa.

You can also spice things up and added carrot in the initial frying stage or even replace the semolina with carrot; this is done by some people and this dish is called Gajar Halwa or Garjar ka Halwa (Garjar = carrot). You could also add more ghee for buttery taste. A sprinkle of cinnamon, cardamon, or almond can also change up this classic dish up.

My family and I normally make this dish for our prayers. So we offer it to our gods for blessings and distribute it between everyone who came for the prayer and ourselves so we receive that blessing. On rare occasions do we make halwa for ‘fun’.

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Other places you can find me: Instagram |  Pinterest | TikTok

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